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Carl’s childhood in South Wales, coupled with his family’s Irish heritage made a love of words inevitable. An avid reader from a young age, the local library supplied his need for stories of all kinds and opened up the worlds of the Greek myths and Arabian Nights. He found that he could lose himself in these stories of heroes, gods and genies and returned to them repeatedly over the years.

During his 27-year career as a teacher of English in comprehensive schools in Essex, it was his love of stories, which helped make him popular with his students. “He brings a passion and imaginative flair to his teaching of literature” was one comment on his teaching. Whether teaching lower down the school or to “A” Level students, Carl always attempted to engender understanding and appreciation in his students of the language and images used by the writers.

After attending a course in 1986 where he listened, for the first time, to a storyteller Carl began to explore telling for himself. This led to three different schools using his skills as part of primary liaison programmes. During his time as a teacher, he ran storytelling workshops as part of open days, ran an oracy in-service training day for a special school, established an oracy week at one school, a storytelling day at another, visited a number of primary schools and wrote a storytelling unit for key stage 3 pupils, to be used by the English department.

As a solo storyteller, he has visited many Schools in Essex with great success both telling stories and conducting workshops. He is always willing to discuss ideas for projects with teachers prior to his visit and can often offer linked English work based on his story sessions.

As an Equity member, Carl has full public liability insurance for performances.

If you would like Carl Merry Tale Spinner to tell you some stories, call Carl today on 07815737364‚Äč

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